It’s been two weeks of learning. Learning by listening. Listening to users, managers, CEO’s, HR gurus, UI designers, web developers, and customers. People really want to share their feelings about feedback in the workplace. This has helped us understand what we can do to make Snowflake better Turns out, people feel that getting a performance… Read on »

Talking Rypple

Spent the week talking to people, showing them the product.  Thanks to all of you who have played with the application and suggested improvements and helped out.  We’re much obliged. In the meantime, the feedback has been great.  Based on what we’ve heard we’re improving the UI and adding features (but not too many!).… Read on »

Building Rypple

Our good friend Tony Marzulli, the CMO over at Workscape sent us a great post today. We don’t understand how Gen Y employees often need constant gratification and instantaneous positive feedback.  They live in an instantaneous world.  Forget about voice mail and e-mail.  This is too slow.  They want IM.  Everything happens real time and… Read on »