I learnt from my prior life that the best way to create a killer service is to use it! In other words, see your service through your customer’s eyes.  We use Snowflake every day to get personal feedback on how each of us is doing in our little company. What have I learnt so far?… Read on »

One of the first questions many people ask me revolves around which development methodology we follow at 2Catalyze. Although I would like to respond honestly with a simple statement and say that we are agile, I really do not want to do that because agile has become somewhat of a dirty word. Also, I do… Read on »

HBR has a great article this month on how the best get better. Graham Jones, the author, made a cool observation as a sport psychologist to Olympians and other champion athletes: Compete only with yourself, demand relentless feedback, and don’t forget to celebrate. He also noted how many of them had an “insatiable appetite for… Read on »

Our alpha project has been humming along now for a few weeks, and we’ve been getting some amazing feedback from you about what you love, and what we can work on. We can’t thank you enough for all your feedback. It helps us make sure that Snowflake gets you the feedback you want! What have… Read on »