Ryan Healy believes there are 10 ways Gen Y will change the workplace for the better.  He even claims that Gen-Y will be more productive than their parents generation. That is a pretty bold statement considering the boomer generation has created some of the most technological advances in human history.   So Gen-Y, how are… Read on »

Ok…first off on the personal front, a big congratulations to Austin Tam, one of our star developers, on getting engaged on his cruise vacation last week! Perhaps now that he’s officially taken, the onslaught of fan mail from his female admirers will slow down Now on to this long overdue post about some of the… Read on »


It can be intimidating asking for feedback especially if you’re worrying about sounding dumb.  Fortunately Dan Erwin’s white paper offers some helpful advice on  “How to ask questions and not be perceived as a dumb ass.” Do you have a story about asking a “less intelligent question?”  What did you learn from the experience?… Read on »

I joined the Rypple team about a month ago to work on all things social media-related, with a particular emphasis on Facebook. It’s been a whirlwind job so far and we’ve done a lot in a really short time, which makes me really proud to announce today’s launch of the Rypple NOW! Facebook Page, timed… Read on »

Performance reviews are hotly contested part of big company life.  In a recent Wall Street Journal article Get Rid of the Performance Review, Samuel A. Culbert, a UCLA Professor, even goes as far as to say:  “It destroys morale, kills teamwork, and hurts the bottom line.” Have you found performance reviews helpful or do they… Read on »

In October, I had the pleasure of spending  a few days in Boston attending UI13 and in particular, Agile development guru Jeff Patton‘s all day seminar on bringing user centered design practices in to agile projects. I wanted him to enlighten me, show me what I had trouble figuring out on my own while running… Read on »


The Dan Erwin Blog gives some great advice on constructive feedback and how to “coach it out of your manager.”  For constructive feedback, the onus is on you. One of the most useful insights I’ve gained over the past century is that really constructive feedback comes best when an employee is thoughtful, concrete, focused, and… Read on »

Hello everybody, I’m Nathaniel – and I’m new to the Rypple team.  I recently graduated from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, and I’m here to help the growing Rypple community. This means a few things.  First, I’m going to be talking with our users and fans on all sorts of social media.  I’ll spend my… Read on »