In the current economic environment, it is crucial for individuals, teams and organizations to continuously improve their performance. Getting and giving useful performance feedback, whether through a formal performance appraisal system, or through less formal, more ad-hoc tools like Rypple, can help greatly. Regardless of whether you are providing feedback in a formal annual review,… Read on »

Questions at Work

Interested in writing better Loops questions? Check out Dan Erwin’s post on How to Avoid “Dead End” Questions. The entire focus of my work is on feedback in the workplace.  I had been more focused on the manager being the prime vehicle for being the feedback provider.  Over the last year I’ve found evidence that… Read on »

A little while ago, Jay introduced you to the Rypple NOW! Facebook Pages.   Now the Rypple Team is excited to announce that we’ve just added Facebook Connect to Rypple. Facebook Connect will allow you to login to Rypple using your Facebook password, and to bring your social context to Rypple. Now, you’ll have one less… Read on »

A friend in university asked me what I was up to these days.   I told him about Rypple and how it works.  Since I’m a recent graduate, I thought I would help out all my university friends by offering  tips on how to use Rypple to do better in school.  Here is one tip. … Read on »