When I sat down last fall to record our first Rypple  intro video, the primary use case for Rypple was all about  “How am I doing?” and “What do you think of my work?” . Well, we’ve come a long way since then – all driven by our fantastic users. We think it’s awesome that… Read on »


Interested in writing better Rypples? Check out Jamie Resker’s post on Good vs. Bad Questions. Asking effective questions is the key to gaining constructive feedback. That’s not an easy task. Truly meaningful and illuminating questions are incredibly tough to orchestrate. Indeed, professionals regularly ask me for help in the development of useful feedback questions. You… Read on »

In this latest installment of the Rypple Effect, we thought we’d share some things you may not know about the Rypple team: 1. Because Rypple is a lean /agile shop, we release a new batch of Rypple features at least once a week (sometimes more often!) 2. Users in 96 countries use Rypple to ask… Read on »

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Henry Ford reportedly once complained that all he wanted from a worker was a pair of hands, but that he had to deal with the whole person instead. Each of us brings our whole self to work each day, regardless of whether we have a chance to express and actualize ourselves in our jobs. As… Read on »