I wanted to take a step back and look at the big picture of what social media is really accomplishing. You often hear about the new feature on Facebook or Twitter and what cool thing it is going to allow you to do. But it is not very often that we take a step back… Read on »

Defensiveness at Work

In the market for some feedback? Great! You can always turn to the usual suspects: email, surveys, or even a face-to-face chat. Still, many are finding that the outlets they’ve traditionally leveraged to garner feedback, don’t circumvent or eliminate the social and cultural barriers that prevent them from consistently yielding useful insights. Being in the… Read on »

The phrase “learning is work, and work is learning” means a lot to us at Rypple. We think of learning as something that is deeply connected to the successful execution of our service and our vision. That’s why the most productive and satisfying work we do every day is related to learning. In fact, we… Read on »

John is head of talent and organization for IDEO, where he leads internal efforts to help the firm stay at the leading edge of design and innovation consulting.  John also works on IDEO client projects to assist and guide organization design components. I’ve just starting working on a new project with the folks at Rypple.… Read on »