This is part one in the Johari Windows posts. You should start here and then read the follow-up Gazing through my Johari Window for the results of the exercise. Those of you who took any psychology courses in university probably remember needing to have someone wrench you from the depths of a self-induced  self-diagnosis abyss.… Read on »


Tell me everything you love about your favorite restaurant or band! Not so easy, is it? Overwhelmed with the number of factors to consider? Ok, how about telling me ONE THING you love? Easy, right? The fact is that people are generally good-natured and want to help you…but busy people don’t have time to answer… Read on »

Earlier this week I wrote a post about an interesting debate I found on BusinessWeek’s The Debate Room about the value of performance reviews. The debate continues.  You Can’t Afford to Skip Reviews, by Burton Goldfield, President and CEO of TriNEt, argues that performance reviews are much to valuable to skip. They provide an important… Read on »


I read a great blog post by Chris Ferdinandi on the value of continuous communication in helping people improve: Ongoing communication around performance (a.k.a. helping your people become rockstars) is what being a manager is all about. Definitely! Based on my experience, one of the most effective ways to create a routine of continuous feedback… Read on »

Earlier this week one of our awesome users, Sara Tucker, the Director of Coaching and Team Skills at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, sent us a very nice email with a fantastic quote. It was a great and timely reminder of why we do what we do here at Rypple, so I wanted to share… Read on »

On October 1st, Daniel and David will be demoing Rypple at HR Tech as part of the Cool New Technologies in HR Series. Sweet! With that date in mind we’ve been working full steam ahead. Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the past week: a new external homepage, a helpful signup wizard, and new profile pages.… Read on »

We’ll be bold if you’ll be.  We’re talkin’ to you, HR Technology Conference attendees… This week, we’re prepping for HR Tech. Bill Kutik, the uber-analyst,  has selected Rypple as a “cool new technology” for the show.  Sweet!  We get to demonstrate Rypple in front of a large audience. But, we feel a bit strange about… Read on »