Whitney Hess is a talented and passionate user experience designer based in New York City. Just over a year ago Whitney decided to go out on her own and become an independent consultant, and in doing so, became the focal point of her client’s experience. Wanting to do everything she could to continuously exceed her… Read on »

Another busy week! Three cool new features to tell you about: Share your feedback with your advisers when you take action, edit and delete plans, and the new feedback box Take Action and Share your Feedback When you take action, you can now share the feedback you’ve received with your advisers. This is a great… Read on »

Developing web applications using GWT is great. It connects you to all the useful Java tools out there and helps you be productive. Sometimes you even forget you’re programming against browsers because GWT does such a good job abstracting the subtlety of writing cross-browser compatible javascript code. However, GWT does not make the browser run… Read on »

Over the past few months our users have told us they love Rypple’s simplicity and ease of use when it comes to getting continuous feedback. Others have found amazing and creative ways to syndicate their feedback requests by including Rypple links in Twitter, their presentation slides, and even their email signatures! But we know there… Read on »


This is part two in the Johari Windows posts, covering the results of the experiment. You should start with Check Your Blind Spot: Rypple and the Johari Window to get the context for this second half. So! You’re probably wondering how it all went down. Well let me tell you! It’s no easy task whittling… Read on »

It’s been a busy week! Two new features this week: You can now comment on feedback you receive, and create a custom plan. Feedback on Feedback Have you ever received feedback, and felt the need to respond? Well, now you can comment on the feedback you receive. It’s a great way to continue the conversation.… Read on »


How many times do we hear general feedback comments such as: “That was a great presentation” “I liked how you handled that customer issue” “The sales call went really well” These type of comments might make me feel good for about 5 minutes, but it doesn’t tell me specifically what worked and why.  When I… Read on »

Yesterday, I launched App of the Day, a website that features a community-nominated iPhone and iPod touch app everyday. I decided to use Rypple to help me get anonymous feedback from visitors to the site. With over 85,000 iPhone and iPod touch applications in the App Store today, it can be somewhat taxing to separate… Read on »