Yesterday, I launched App of the Day, a website that features a community-nominated iPhone and iPod touch app everyday. I decided to use Rypple to help me get anonymous feedback from visitors to the site.

With over 85,000 iPhone and iPod touch applications in the App Store today, it can be somewhat taxing to separate the well-built and useful apps from other lesser ones clogging up the storefront. App of the Day solves this problem by promoting community-nominated, high-quality iPhone and iPod touch applications.

Members of the site may nominate one app per day, and are able to discuss those that have already been showcased.

In the footer, I added a Rypple Feedback link, as I wanted to see what visitors thought about App of the Day.

Respond to App of the Day (small)

So far, I’ve gotten a lot of insightful, and useful feedback using Rypple. Here are some of the things users have said:

Can I either follow this in Twitter or have an RSS feed?

This comment made me consider how people will use App of the Day. I built an RSS feed, but other than the RSS link in the Firefox and Safari address bars, it is not mentioned anywhere on the site. I plan to correct this in the next few days with an update.

Format the site for viewing on the iPhone.

Considering App of the Day is an iPhone site, it makes sense to have an iPhone formatted page, but I completely overlooked it.

Overall I’m really excited to read, and take action on the Feedback that I receive in the coming days using Rypple. I’d really appreciate if you could give me Feedback on App of the Day at


Jordan is on the Marketing team at Rypple. Jordan founded App of the Day where he's created an active community around the growing issue of iPhone and iPad app discovery. He has been part of the Rypple team since June 2009.