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It’s almost Christmas, which for most people (those who celebrate Christmas at any rate) means spending time with family, eating too much, and, of course, eggnog. But for Jon and Tracy Morter of England, Christmas time means defeating Simon Cowell. Jon and Tracy organized a Facebook Campaign which attracted nearly 1 million followers and helped… Read on »

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We’re going to be expanding our blog in the coming weeks to encompass several new areas. One of these will be Getting Things Done (GTD), a very popular approach to personal productivity. There is a lot of great GTD content out there to help you manage your day and increase your productivity. Here’s a list… Read on »

The behaviors organization accept are generally baked into their corporate culture. Accountability is no exception. The cues we get from the company leadership, our direct manager, and our peers formulate how we think about these behaviors. Although often quite subtle, these cues help us understand the importance of accountability in our own organizations. Follow along… Read on »

This week brings the ability to followup on a piece of feedback as many times as you want and to filter your feed to show only unanswered feedback requests. Feedback Followup What do you do if a piece of feedback is unclear? Maybe you’d like someone to elaborate on their advice? Only one problem: anonymous… Read on »

You’ll advance your career if you can become more productive. Your managers will trust you with more important tasks because they’ll know you’ll get it done. You can become more productive over time through repetition and practice, but there are also techniques you can learn that will have big increases on your productivity. I highly… Read on »

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In my previous post, Evaluative and Developmental Feedback, I mentioned Marshall Goldsmith‘s philosophy of FeedForward. The FeedForward exercise has two goals, learn as much as you can, and help as much as you can. It’s about the future, not the past. Here’s a quick video of Marshall explaining the FeedForward exercise. Enjoy!… Read on »

Feedback at Work

How much do you value feedback? Would you leave a job because you don’t get enough of it? David Simms, in Emerging Nonprofit Leaders: “More Feedback, Please”, uncovered some interesting insights into how important a culture that encourages feedback really is. David attended the Independent Sector’s annual conference, where he engaged 200 next generation nonprofit… Read on »