What did you think of your performance this year? Probably the toughest question you’re likely to face during your review. Here’s how you should respond: Start by highlighting the areas that you’ve improved since your last performance review. Especially the skills that were previously identified as weaker. Use an example of a successful project you… Read on »

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Many leaders have been enviously looking at Apple to try to understand the secrets of their success, especially the day after the iPad launch. In reading a summary of Steve Jobs’ launch comments, there are 3 key insights to be gained that we can all apply to achieve success at work. These insights apply to… Read on »

Performance reviews are a dreaded part of the working life. To help make them a little less stressful, and help you have a more successful performance review, here’s a helpful tip: Be Prepared: It’s like the saying “Know thy enemy”. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea. Know what you’re facing so… Read on »

It’s time for a little stereotyping. I’ve noticed something about myself, so I am going to use this observation to describe a whole generation. (A perfect sample size for unbiased and objective results: one). In the spirit of transparency, here’s how I came to my conclusion: Hypothesis: Gen Y lacks the motivation and determination to… Read on »

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In my last post I talked about how leaders lead by example. Here’s a great story of leadership from Geoffery Webb‘s post, Take a Stand. By December 23rd, 1944 entire US Divisions were still retreating as the German Army continued to advance through the Ardennes Forest in a last-ditch effort to win World War II.… Read on »


Recently we’ve shared some tips on how to become an effective leader. An important aspect of leadership is knowing how not to act. Here are some great tips from Are You Committing Leadership Malpractice?: Overloading the star performer. Stars make it look easy. So easy, that it’s tempting to keep on throwing balls in their… Read on »

What do all those generic performance review phrases really mean? Probably one of life’s more important questions to answer. Courtesy of Blog Tactic, HR language translated into plain old Queen’s English: HR: Active Socially translate English: Drinks A lot HR: Independent Worker translate English: Nobody knows what he/she does HR: Has Leadership Qualities translate English:… Read on »