Leadership tends to be a very reactive endeavor, even with the best of intentions,. Leaders are tasked with not only leading their teams, but accomplishing their own objectives. In many companies, much of a leader’s time is spent managing multiple relationships within their organizations. With their plates very full, managers need to make sure they… Read on »

The Ideal World In an ideal world everyone is able to deliver potentially difficult feedback with grace and respect. Managers and leaders are able to: Start with the positives to establish trust and build confidence. Offer suggestions that improve future performance. Benefits of Investing in a Quality Rubber Suit There may be times when you… Read on »

As promised, here’s part two of What Gen Y Really Wants at Work Management Style / Team Team / Extended Type of Family Unlike Gen X, many of whom grew up as latchkey kids with parents working all the time, most Y’s grew up with very involved parents. Because of this, Gen Y’s are used… Read on »

This new wave of talent, Generation Y, is passionate, talented and highly ambitious – they want to stretch, learn new skills, and contribute to great causes – but they also want a life. They want balance, to have fun and be part of a great team! But if their managers do not understand what they… Read on »

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A lot of what passes for leadership development in companies can be a waste of time. See if you recognize this process: Your company taps you as a future leader. It sends you to “leadership camp,”. You’re entertained by a parade of speakers (like me), and afterward you’re required to critique the speakers and rate… Read on »

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In THIS IS IT, Michael Jackson sings the wonderful song Man in the Mirror. It’s all about change starting with ourselves; looking in the mirror and seeing who we are, what we are, and working to improve ourselves. To get the most out of feedback from our colleagues or our friends, we first have to… Read on »

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Culture refers to the values of the company, the way people get their work done, the way decisions are made, and the way people treat each other, their customers and their shareholders. I have written a lot about the importance of company culture in my previous posts. Employees may see culture in a very different… Read on »