We’re really excited to sponsor Twestival! Twestival is an excellent example of people coming together to do great things and have some fun at the same time. Our kinda thing! We believe great communities inspire people to be great and that positive feedback motivates people to reach their full potential. So, we built Kudos –… Read on »

How important is workplace culture? Well, do you prefer success or failure? Do you want the best talent trying to break down your door to get in or charging out the door to get away? How often have you heard someone say something along these lines, “I love what I do, but I can’t stand… Read on »

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Leadership can be quite a journey. We have good days and bad days (and weeks, months, years). In the end, they all contribute to our learning. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all experiences that we can reflect on and learn from. Many of them “happen” quickly to us, providing us with a… Read on »

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Here are the next four tips for Gen Y and managers to be successful during this economic downturn: Be Appreciative The need to be appreciated is a need all people have, regardless of generation! When you appreciate something that your boss, your manager, or your fellow colleagues has done – don’t just tell them or… Read on »

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A few years ago I was speaking at a conference on how to successfully manage Generation Y, and I made this statement: “Gen Y’s want the same things that other generations want: respect, praise and recognition when appropriate, promotions, appreciation, balance, working with top leaders, opportunities to be mentored, consistent and specific feedback, challenging work,… Read on »