Conan O'Brien went from hosting the storied Tonight Show on NBC to an acrimonious public ouster which saw his rival take back the most coveted job in comedy. His next move: a gig on basic cable. It'll probably make him happier than NBC ever could. Read on »

As we said in my first post, no ONE blog can change your life. But if you’re serious about making your work more meaningful for you – and the people around you – you’ve come to the right place. Work has meaning when you believe you’re making a difference. Big salaries are not the most… Read on »


Everyday we arrive at work, and quickly get busy with our day. We often forget that little gestures of recognition make a huge impact. When we take a moment to reflect on the great effort, work, and results that our colleagues deliver, we often realize we don’t say thank you enough. The power of employee… Read on »

Much of what senior leaders do is symbolic. You can consider them as heads of state for their organizations and as such they represent the vision, mission and values of their organization. But their role is not symbolic per se; it is based upon behavior. And so when CEOs of British Airlines and KLM climbed… Read on »

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Most people try to figure out how to cram more into every waking hour. That is not the key to being more effective. The key is to figure out how to get more out of every hour you spend. Here are two simple, yet powerful guides to help you achieve that goal. Understand how the… Read on »