I know they’re stressful and unpleasant but I didn’t know performance reviews are bad for your health! On the New York Times blog, Tara Parker-Pope tells us about the impact of performance reviews on our health. At first, I was surprised to find an article entitled “Time to Review the Workplace Review?” in the Health section,… Read on »

Bad Office Etiquette

Out of 30 examples of rude behavior, survey respondents most often indicated the following 10 as most offensive in this order: 1. Discrimination in an employment situation 2. For commuters, erratic/aggressive driving that endangers others 3. Taking credit for someone else’s work 4. Treating service providers as inferiors 5. Jokes or remarks that mock another,… Read on »

Sick Person

Studies have shown that workplace stress can lead to an increase in rates of heart disease, flu virus, metabolic syndrome and high blood pressure. A new study of 677 workers in Israel showed those who experienced job burnout were 1.8 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. The scientists studied Israeli workers, who were… Read on »