kiling machine

I want you to become a relentless, cold-blooded killing machine. A feature killing machine, that is. Last week, I blogged a few ideas about how to make enterprise software suck less. I suggested that focusing on end-users vs. buyers, changing the selling model, and killing features results in better software. By better, I mean easier… Read on »


Our very own Jay Goldman, Head of Marketing here at Rypple, hosts Status Update,’s popular weekly video podcast on the world of Social Media. Check out this week’s episode on why some Digg users just aren’t digging it! Digg, the social news website that connects users as they share video, text and other content, recently released… Read on »


I’ve seen Mitch speak at a number of conferences recently – “The Art of Management” and the HRPA – and there’s a reason he’s so popular. Because when you look at the explosion of social media around us such as blogs and podcasts and Twitter and Digg and Tumblr and the like, you should be… Read on »

HR-tech cocktails

Everyone is invited to the HRevolution Tweetup sponsored by Rypple! If you happen to be in Chicago or at HRTech this week, come join us for some drinks! Details: Thursday September 30th @ 9pm – 11pm Sushi Samba – 504 N. Wells (google map) Rooftop lounge We would like to thank Trish McFarlane, Ben Eubanks… Read on »

bridgescale partners

New Financing to Drive Continued Growth in Social Software Rypple announces it has raised $7 million in financing led by Bridgescale Partners. Howard Gwin, a Bridgescale partner and former EVP at PeopleSoft, and Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management, will join the company’s board of directors. We are excited to have this… Read on »

boss style

Shortcut # 44 Learn the working style that appeals to your boss. It is tough to change others but you can adapt your own style. If your boss is a detail-oriented person, provide written reports and lots of background information. If your boss is a people person, she may prefer person-to-person communication over e-mail. If… Read on »


Roger Martin who is the Dean of the Rotman School of Management here in Toronto and the author of three great books on business. The first is The Responsibility Virus which talks about the power of building true partnerships. The second is The Opposable Mind which talks about ‘integrative thinking’ and his most recent is The Design of Business:… Read on »