According to the 2009 Deloitte Shift Index, 82% of people who are firm employed aren’t passionate about their work

I bet you don’t remember the last time the people around you were passionate at work. Maybe it’s because they’re working longer hours, or more is demanded of them. Or, perhaps in this age of instant gratification, there isn’t time for them to feel appreciated at work. You can do something about it. I totally agree with Margaret Heffernan‘s advice: “What you have to do is hire for [passion] — and then make sure your own leadership, and company processes, don’t kill it.”

How you keep passion alive at work depends a lot on your workplace culture. Maybe it’s creating more opportunities for learning and advancement, or giving more recognition. Or maybe it’s better hours, clearer goals, or more feedback. Look at your organization and try to figure out what demotivates your colleagues and team. Figure out what you can do to motivate them, and take Marshall Goldsmith’s advice: “Those who lead by example and demonstrate passion for what they do make it much easier for their followers to do the same.”


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