performance management

According to a recent study by Sibson Consulting and WorldatWork, 58% of HR executives gave their performance management systems a grade of “C” or below. A grade of “C” or below means “not effective.” And…only 3% of HR executives gave their performance management systems a grade of “A” (meaning “extremely effective at achieving desired results”).… Read on »


As we approach the end of the year, performance reviews loom large for many of us. This time around think about what you can thank your manager or employees for. Even if it seems like an insignificant thing to recognize good work, sweating the small stuff can pay dividends to you and your colleagues. Read on »

constructive criticism

According to a study by Leadership IQ, 51% of people say they get too little constructive criticism from their boss. Many people don’t get enough feedback at work. Useful feedback helps us get better, learn faster and it can also make us happier and more likely to say good things about our company. The authors… Read on »

rypple news

Happy November! Or as we call it at Rypple HQ, Movember. We’re doing more than fundraising this month however and you’ll find some highlights in this newsletter. We’re working hard on some exciting new features including coach transfers and more…coming soon!  Laura Gluhanich Community Manager, Rypple Leadership Series: Marc Effron Webinar: Secrets for Growing Better Talent… Read on »

rypple tv

Earlier this year, Rypple opened an office in San Francisco. We’ve used iChat and Skype to keep in touch with our colleagues. After seeing some of the telepresence designed by other startups, we decided to build our own. We’ve found the video portals to dramatically help team communication, and highly recommend teams working remotely consider… Read on »