2010 has been great for Rypple. First, for the users we’ve gotten to know and learn from. And second, for the incredible team that we’ve built. At Rypple, we’re taking a different approach to the problems we are attacking. We want to learn from employees and managers who use our service, not a sales process. In 2011 this approach has helped us learn a ton. Read on »


Thank you! Thanks for being part of the Rypple community, for using Rypple and sharing your feedback with us. Together, we’re changing the way people work. We learned a ton from you in 2010 and that’s going to make 2011 an incredible year. On behalf of the Rypple team, we hope you have a safe… Read on »

Management List

Tis’ the season of giving, and as a strong proponent of giving AND receiving (feedback, coaching, recognition) all year round, I’ve put together a top 5 list of the most powerful gifts you can give this holiday season.  Many of us don’t need any extra “stuff” this year so why not give the gift of knowledge… Read on »


Don’t Forget the Anchors At first glance a team comprised entirely of high potentials sounds great– highly motivated, smart executives all in learning mode and willing to jump through whatever hoops you put in front of them. In this video, I remind leaders that there is value in creating a complementary team consisting of people at different… Read on »

Meet With Manager

According to a recent Right Management Survey, 37% of employees polled said they never had career conversations with their supervisors. There has been a lot of talk recently about changes in the workplace, feedback and recognition, and the relationship between managers and employees. As Gen Ys move into the workforce, a huge shift in learning… Read on »


According to BusinessWeek's Leadership trends for 2010 (February, 2010) best-in-class organizations "maintained their commitment to preparing and retaining present and future leaders." We'll probably hear more of the same at the start of 2011 though in 2011, I bet we're in for something bigger: people taking more control of their own development. In 2011, we'll hear less about what corporations are doing "for their people" and more about what "people are doing for themselves and to help the teams they're part of." Until recently, we haven't had the tools or corporate open-mindedness to easily make this happen. That's what 2011 is going to be all about. It's going to be our year! Read on »


Performance reviews?  Yowza.  From Rypple’s own findings to Samuel A. Culbert’s assertion that reviews are “ill-advised and bogus,” it’s clear that this is a flawed process looking for a fix. While I can’t predict the solution, I have a suggestion on where we can look… games.  One thing that games do, better than anything else,… Read on »