Since you read this blog, you’re likely already convinced that something about the way we work needs to change. You might also believe that by sharing our collective wisdom and passion on blogs like this one, each of us can return to our work post-read and be a force for good in our respective organizations.… Read on »


Handling Bullies and Other Corporate Aggressors We’ve all come across bullies in our careers: someone who consistently puts us on the defensive by attacking us or our actions and opinions. Some more than others are able to “push our buttons” making us get heated or react emotionally to their verbal assault. Such situations can quickly… Read on »


Tribes are what matter now. Seth Godin, an entrepreneur and blogger who thinks about the marketing of ideas in the digital age, argues that the internet has changed the way we market and therefore, the way we implement change. He tells the audience to find something that is worth changing and spread the idea to… Read on »

Resolution at work

It's mid-January. How are you doing with your new year's resolutions? If you're looking to get ahead in 2011 and get more recognition for your work, check out these two articles. They seem to contradict each other, but taken together they may actually help you achieve your goals. Read on »