Feedback. Do people actually want it? Do they want to get better?  These questions often come up when we tell people about our services and features at Rypple.  People are often skeptical that other people really want to learn how to improve through constructive feedback.  Well, based on some recent academic work on Rypple’s data… Read on »

Employee Performance

In this video, I stress the importance of remembering that each new person equals a "new team." This philosophy should help you understand the importance of investing time in the integration of the new employee or transfer not just in the company, division or role, but within the team as well. Read on »


According to IFA Online, companies with the highest levels of employee engagement (above 80%) have more face to face meetings. It seems obvious that face time is important but there are still tons of managers and whole companies that sweep it under the rug. Little do they know, an organization is only half as likely… Read on »