“What if people at work were as engaged, happy and focused as they are when gaming?”

Employee engagement is key to driving the performance of teams. No one knows this better than Drake International, who specialize in attracting, retaining and growing the talent of top performing organizations. As part of Drake’s recent leadership seriesDavid Priemer, VP of Sales at Rypple, was invited to share his experience in how to use feedback to increase engagement, and drive real business results.

Most organizations struggle to provide their employees with the timely, ongoing insights they need to stay on track. David explores how creating a feedback culture not only satisfies this need, but simultaneously drives performance. He demonstrates how modern feedback techniques can use gamification principles, and allow managers to use fun, social behaviours to increase engagement, and hit company goals.

Check out the slides below to learn;



Katherine is a Certified Human Resources Professional specializing in HR Technology and Digital Engagement at Rypple. Prior to joining Rypple, Katherine worked as technology specialist focused on staffing technology projects. Katherine has extensive experience in performance management, learning and development, and process improvement. She graduated with an Honors double major from the University of Toronto, and has a professional designation in Human Resources Management.