Wired Magazine Explains the Power of Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are powerful. What makes them so effective is the fundamental observation that frequent, real time feedback provides more opportunities for people to improve — both at work and in life.

Thomas Goetz of Wired Magazine describes this process of “action, information, reaction” as, “a profoundly effective tool for changing behavior,” and that should come as no surprise. The idea behind feedback loops, is after all,  the operating principle behind modern technological advancements from the home thermostat to the Toyota Prius. Thanks to the invention of social software, now these advances can be applied to improving team performance.

We’ve known about the power of feedback loops for years. The idea that feedback loops can be used to encourage good habits and transform progress itself into a reward is fundamental to our company vision. But as Goetz points out, “thanks to an explosion of new technology, the opportunity to put loops into action in nearly every part of our lives is quickly becoming a reality.”

To learn more about how feedback loops are changing what people do, check out Thomas’ article in Wired.


Katherine is a Certified Human Resources Professional specializing in HR Technology and Digital Engagement at Rypple. Prior to joining Rypple, Katherine worked as technology specialist focused on staffing technology projects. Katherine has extensive experience in performance management, learning and development, and process improvement. She graduated with an Honors double major from the University of Toronto, and has a professional designation in Human Resources Management.