Gaming work isn’t just about fun and games Game design can offer valuable insights into developing business solutions. But beware – simply adding game elements to the same antiquated performance review won’t do the trick, and our co-CEO Daniel Debow knows why. Yesterday Daniel was invited to speak as an expert on gamification in the enterprise. He… Read on »

Dinosaur Office

Meet Today’s Office Dinosaur: The Quarterly Performance Review Quarterly reviews worked fine for their time. But times have changed.  Email, wikis, feeds, IMs, and other technology has made social interaction possible online — in real time.  As the speed of business increases, lengthy, backward-looking reviews become less and less relevant to what we need to… Read on »

Michael Lopp

Rypple’s Leadership Webinar Series We’re pleased to announce the next webinar in our Rypple Leadership series. On Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2 pm EST, renowned Silicon Valley Engineer Michael (Rands) Lopp Joins Us to Share his Tips for a Great 1:1. His style will break any preconceptions you may have had about software engineers —… Read on »


Rypple Apps Now Integrate with Jive’s Social Business Platform Today we announced our partnership with Jive — the dynamic social business platform. Beginning this week, companies who use Jive 5 to connect at work will be able to access Rypple’s social performance applications to recognize the achievements of their colleagues, run rapid, lightweight feedback loops, and coach employees to achieve… Read on »

Startup Festival

Lessons from the International Startup Festival Rypple intern Mitch Schinbein exemplifies the passion and enthusiasm of the start-up ethos. A year ago, as a junior in high-school, he showed up one day at Rypple, resume in hand, and talked his way in the door. Fueled by a steady diet of Red Bull and Sun Chips,… Read on »

Survey Says

The use of consumer technologies like smart phones, tablet computers, and social media in the office has become one of the key drivers of the Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 movements. As a result, we are seeing a fascinating new path of technological innovation, which begins at home among consumers and then spreads into the… Read on »

Coder Collaborate

Work Better By Rewarding Collaboration According to a recent study reported in the Harvard Business Review, programming teams at tech giant CSC who used collaborative code building reduced errors by 75%. While many software development teams still follow a traditional waterfall method, new agile techniques are beginning to dominate the market. CSC recently did an analysis… Read on »