When I checked Facebook Sunday morning, my eye caught a Giants post, “25 Guys…one common goal.  Win today!!!” And they did!

It got me thinking about how really working together to reach a common goal is essential to success in sports—and is just as important in the workplace.

The Giants have something special going. It is more than a great boss with a vision of success and how to get there, although Bruce Bochy certainly provides that kind of leadership. It’s also about a team buying into a common goal — and each team member feeling accountable for contributing: whether it’s Timmy taking a bullpen role and then getting his job done; or Scutaro being flattened but getting right back into game, bruises and all; or Pence energizing all of his new friends on the team; or even a crippled Brian Wilson who could do no more (this year) than keep everybody fired up with his quirky antics.

Like the Giants, every organization has its own unique culture, values and individuals.  Getting everyone fully engaged and bought into the company’s goals, will make teams perform at a higher level and make them more successful in reaching or exceeding their goals.

When everyone in an organization feels aligned and motivated, it frees them up to perform at their highest level. Each individual knows — and more importantly, believes — in their team. They feel motivated to do whatever it takes to win, more ready to support each other, more excited by the progress—and ultimately the success—of their team.

It is a route to success we saw during #OrangeOctober in the Giants run to the trophy, and it presents a terrific example for how a business team can be engaged and motivated to reach its own goal.

Today, watching the San Francisco Giants roll down Market Street as world champions, ask yourself, “what is our organization doing to achieve our common goal?

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