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Discipline 4: Daily Results Call

Have you ever watched an NFL football game when the score is close and time is running out, and the team that is trailing shifts their offense into what is called the “two-minute” drill? The two minute drill is a specific play execution strategy that teams turn to when the clock is running down but there is still a chance to pull off a big win. Often even teams that have appeared sloppy and lackadaisical for most of the game suddenly come alive, attacking each play with new energy, crisper execution and sharper focus. It is amazing how often these teams will come all the way back and score the winning touchdown with only seconds left. It can leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Why didn’t they play that way for the rest of the game?”

The truth is there is something about having it all on the line with time running out that pushes everyone to perform at a much higher performance and tempo. And if someone happens to have a little bit of a competitive streak – which is true of a lot of Sales Makers – this “two-minute” dash to the finish can definitely ignite exceptional performance. For this reason, as a sales team approaches the end of a sales reporting period, it is a great idea for the Sales Manager to initiate Daily Results Calls to harness this special energy and use it to focus the team for peak performance when it matters most.

Daily Results Calls are daily 60-minute review sessions used to close out each day during the last two weeks of a reporting period. Most appropriate for transactional sales situations, these meetings increase team focus and accountability during the critical final days of the cycle.

Down the home stretch of the reporting period, Daily Results Calls send a message to the team that it is time to raise performance to even higher levels. Daily visibility and accountability become powerful levers that inspire achievement, collaboration and competition. The team gathers to review the previous day’s wins, the current day’s committed actions, and the next day’s projected wins and committed actions. Sales Makers and Sales Managers focus time and energy on opportunities with close dates inside the reporting period. To close any gaps, they also look for upside deals from future reporting periods that have acceleration potential. By increasing the frequency of meetings as the cycle draws to a close, Sales Managers communicate an expectation about intensity and results. Sales Makers reps will adjust their cadence and tempo accordingly.

Whether your sales team is ahead of schedule or scrambling to catch up before it is too late, Daily Results Calls will guarantee that the entire team is focused and fighting for every last yard and working to close every last deal. More often than not, it is exactly what your team needs to push across the goal line for another big win.


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Walter Rogers is CEO of two global Sales Performance Management consulting firms - CloudCoaching International and Baker Communications. He has created and led businesses in 13 countries on 3 continents, has been interviewed on over 100 shows on CNN, CBS and ABC on the topics of Sales, CRM, Sales Management and Corporate Productivity, is on the Advisory Board of DePaul University Center for Sales Leadership and was a Texas eCommerce Awards finalist for two consecutive years. His passion for CRM enabled sales performance transformation inspired him to write two books, one of which he co- authored with his business partner Tony Robbins: "Pathways to Growth: 9 Disciplines to Create Sales Breakthroughs during Turbulent Times." To find out more about Walter Rogers and his works click HERE.