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Last month, hosted a Sales Leadership Webinar on coaching your salespeople into sales champions featuring Keith Rosen, award-winning author and global authority on sales and leadership.

In this 60-minute high impact session, Keith shared his powerful insights and recommendations for how sales managers can dramatically improve the performance of their sales reps through effective coaching.

And as always, our viewers had some excellent questions to ask of Keith, not all of which we could get to. So, we’re pleased to answer a round of them here! Read on to get the answers to your top five questions about the coaching your salespeople to sales champions.

For managers…If 15% coach, 10% motivate, and 5% hold them accountable…. what is your feeling on what the perfect ratio would be for these 3 attributes? If you had to pick 1 just one, what do you feel would be the MOST important a manager can do? (I know all 3 is the perfect combo, but individually weighing them, what holds the most weight)

These are all clearly non-negotiable attributes and skills of top managers and leaders. However, it’s difficult to answer this question the way it’s currently phrased, as I see it slightly differently. First, what does the remaining 70% look like? In terms of picking one top attribute, if you’re a great manager and coach, when you’re coaching effectively, the byproduct is you’re inspiring, motivating and holding them accountable. Rather than segment these attributes, while they can be self-contained, they’re all a holistic part of being a great coach and delivering world class coaching. Coaching is the overarching umbrella, which encompasses all skills, characteristics and competencies of great leaders.

Now, can you chart these best practices and characteristics out and put them in a self-assessment to weigh strengths and areas of opportunity regarding each one? Of course and I’ve used some of these types of assessments in the past. Ultimately, with the majority of global sales organizations breeding the result driven culture to a fault, let’s not belabor over more statistics and formulaic breakdowns. At the end of the day, we’re talking about people. That’s why all of these characteristics and skills show up naturally and work symbiotically, as coaching becomes more organic and your new standard of effective communication, engagement and leadership.


8 Steps to Creating a Coaching Culture ebook by Keith Rosen


That’s why more top organizations today choose Keith’s sales training and management coach training solutions to achieve their business objectives – faster. Almost half of the Fortune 1000 Companies and the top companies in six major industries chose Profit Builders’ training and coaching solutions.

A globally recognized authority on sales and leadership and the pioneer of executive sales coaching and management coach training, Keith is the CEO of Profit Builders, named the Best Sales Training and Coaching Company Worldwide. Over the last 25 years, Keith has delivered his programs to hundreds of thousands of salespeople and managers in practically every industry worldwide; on five continents in over 40 countries. His award winning programs not only offer a proven, proprietary methodology but a tactical framework in order to create the desired long term culture shift and positive change companies want.

Keith has written several best sellers on time management, cold calling and closing the sale, including the globally acclaimed Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions, winner of Five International Best Book Awards and rated the #1 book on sales coaching.

As a leader in the coaching profession, Keith was inducted in the inaugural group of the Top Sales Hall of Fame in recognition for his outstanding contributions in sales and leadership development and was also named The Sales Education Leader of the Year. After the devastation of 9/11, it was Keith who the leading U.S. government contractor called upon to develop an internal executive coaching initiative for the leaders in the intelligence community.

Inc. magazine and Fast Company named Keith one of the five most influential executive coaches. He’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Fortune, The New York Times, Selling Power,, The Wall Street Journal, Sales and Marketing Management and is a frequent guest on Channel 12 News. Keith was also featured on the award winning television show, Mad Men.

Keith is also one of the first out of only a handful of coaches who earned the distinguished Master Certified Coach designation credentialed through the International Coach Federation and most important, walks his talk. He was one of the founding members of the International Coach Federation and was part of the committee responsible for the design of their global coach certification and accreditation program that certifies coaches worldwide. In addition, Keith sits on several editorial boards and advisory boards and is the expert sales advisor for dozens of organizations that provide sales and leadership solutions, content and resources.

Keith’s philosophy on developing high performance teams is simple. Sales training does not develop sales champions. Managers do. If companies want to develop and retain top talent, win more sales and maintain their competitive edge, first make your managers world-class executive sales coaches.

Keith currently lives in New York with his wife and three children who continue to be his greatest inspiration.