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4 Reasons to Attend the Keynote at Dreamforce 2013 1 –  Understand the future of Sales Performance – with John Wookey, EVP of 2 –  Learn how HP used to drive 49% more qualified opportunities. 3 –  See how Docusign onboarded reps 35% faster with 4 – supercharges Sales Cloud… Read on »

An experiment by Niro Sivanathan of London Business School and others suggests that any time you give positive feedback for a skill or trait, the person being praised is at risk for becoming overconfident in that particular domain. Read on »


  Sales managers have faced the same challenges since long before CRM applications were invented. However, new tools and technologies are making their jobs easier. The future of sales performance management is integrated with CRM and social collaboration. It helps managers provide real-time coaching and motivation in context to drive better sales behaviors and, ultimately,… Read on »

The 6 Fatal Flaws of Performance Reviews Let’s face it, performance reviews are flawed.  Nobody seems to like them, and they don’t really help performance. So, is there a better way?  Yes! makes performance reviews easy–performance reviews that actually improve performance, and engage employees and managers in working better together. 1 – THEY AREN’T ABOUT PERFORMANCE.… Read on »

When you have an idea you think is valuable and could change things for the better, some inexplicable force may compel you to "go public" with it. You want to change a prevailing mindset and you're willing to stick your neck out, at least a little, to do it. The question is, how? Read on »