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You suck

Most people (and especially younger people) don’t like to use the business software their company gives them. They think it sucks. This seems to be especially true in the market we’re in: “human capital software” or HCM. HCM software is business software ostensibly designed to help people improve and get stuff done. Yet, mostly it… Read on »


This weekend, the New York Times wrote about an interesting project. Google has been working on to improve company performance and management skills.  This research clearly struck a chord with people who understand Rypple; at least ten people emailed me this article yesterday.  So, I thought I’d share a few comments about how Rypple’s entire strategy is aligned with Google’s research. Read on »


Feedback. Do people actually want it? Do they want to get better?  These questions often come up when we tell people about our services and features at Rypple.  People are often skeptical that other people really want to learn how to improve through constructive feedback.  Well, based on some recent academic work on Rypple’s data… Read on »

Daniel Debow

On Monday we launched Rypple 3.0 to the world. I wanted to share a bit of the background of “why 3.0” with you. Read on »

Employee Engagement

2010 is the year the annual performance review bit the dust. The continuing global recession forced companies to stare their performance management practices in the face. Many did not like what they saw. Read on »


2010 has been great for Rypple. First, for the users we’ve gotten to know and learn from. And second, for the incredible team that we’ve built. At Rypple, we’re taking a different approach to the problems we are attacking. We want to learn from employees and managers who use our service, not a sales process. In 2011 this approach has helped us learn a ton. Read on »