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I was recently invited to speak at an event hosted by The Bagg Group: a top talent staffing firm based here in Toronto. Attracting and placing top talent is their goal but the audience (i.e. their clients) was keenly interested in learning about new ways to preserve their investment by engaging and retaining that talent.… Read on »

employee engagement

I recently hosted a CEO forum, organized by one of our amazing advisors. The topic: how employee engagement drives business results, and how feedback plays a crticial role in promoting engagement. The audience: top leaders from some pretty impressive organizations. The idea was simple: when people within your organization are engaged, they are able to… Read on »


In my previous post I talked about how social behaviors can be used to drive employee performance. These are things that top performers and leaders do, irrespective of technology, to help engage their teams, motivate their colleagues, and continuously drive themselves forward. Why are these behaviors so effective? Because they’re natural, require a small investment… Read on »


Employee engagement is not simply the goal, but the means by which people and organizations are able to innovate, differentiate, and ultimately serve their clients. This was the take-away from my conversation with a manager at one of the world’s largest consulting firms after a recent organizational health survey revealed that employee engagement was low.… Read on »

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In my last post I shared 17 role-based questions you could use to get some really awesome feedback using Rypple right now. Here’s part two of that list; 25 function-based questions you can use right away. Customer Engagement (Note: for a more comprehensive approach to client engagement, check out: 4 Tips for engaging your clients)… Read on »

Performance Improvement

Using Rypple to get ongoing, actionable feedback is something that thousands of leaders do everyday to learn fast and reveal their blind spots. But many people who are new to Rypple want to know; what types of questions should I ask to get the most helpful feedback? Here for your viewing pleasure are 17 role-based… Read on »

Rypple Improves Engagement

I’ve talked about why organizations should care about employee engagement and 3 tips to get yours back on the engagement train. Thing is, employee engagement is a tricky animal and most organizations see the early operational symptoms of an engagement issue before they see the greater problem. Here at Rypple I’m fortunate enough to work… Read on »