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Applying principles of gamification in healthcare has become increasingly popular in recent years. I wrote previously on the blog for instance about how Blue Cross are experimenting with gamification in a bid to reduce costs. A new project is looking at more direct benefits of gamification however. Researchers at Birmingham City University are teaming up… Read on »


In our ever changing world, being able to adapt to a rapidly shifting environment is a skill many employees, and indeed many organisations would find invaluable. New research suggests that games could play a big part in creating such an adaptable mindset. The research saw participants playing a math video game, either competitively against another… Read on »


Whilst there have been the occasional foray into the gamification world by local communities and policy makers, it’s perhaps fair to say that the bulk of gamified applications have been in the commercial world. That makes a test undertaken by four European cities all the more exciting. The four cities are attempting to use games… Read on »


Energy prices are big news at the moment, with politicians of various stripes here in Britain pledging to do something about what they perceive to be poor behaviour by the energy companies. Foremost amongst these plans is a pledge by opposition leader Ed Miliband to force companies to freeze energy prices should they regain power… Read on »


In a survey conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey, it was found sales reps value “praise and commendation” over any other reward – including bonuses. If your lacking on the “praise and commendation” side can help. With the recent release of on Salesforce, recognizing is incredibly easy and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement.… Read on »


Daniel Debow, Senior Vice President of, explores the popular gamification trend that’s sweeping through organizations. While games were once the root of all evil, they are now seen as a way to solve real world problems. Debow debunks the common misconceptions that plague the gamification movement  and illustrates how it can engage, align, and make… Read on »


Becoming a social business requires a fundamental focus upon behavior.  Your employees need to exhibit this behavior.  Your managers need to exhibit this behavior.  Quite possibly your suppliers and other stakeholders need to as well. Achieving those behaviors of course is not easy, which is probably a major reason why 80% of social business projects… Read on »


This week, we are releasing a new on Salesforce product that builds upon years of experience working with customers in the creation of Rypple and the current product. This new release is built on’s industry’s leading cloud platform and integrates with the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and any other applications that run… Read on »