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Motivating sales people isn’t as simple carrot and stick anymore.  Successfully motivating a sales team requires a sales manager to understand that not all sales people respond well to the same incentive–and the importance of tailoring incentive plans to the different type of performers on their teams.  And it’s not just about money.  While money… Read on »

Interesting infographic here from Kelly Worldwide about the “leadership disconnect”.  Great data on how employees around the world perceive their managers.  Easy to scroll through by region, and great source of data.  What’s especially interesting is the preferred vs. the actual management style employees experience. Download HERE  … Read on »

A great infographic here about the state of social media at work.  People are using social media personally, but not so much at work.  But the trend is changing. 41% of workers believe their companies should be doing more to be a social enterprise.  … Read on »