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Fantastic post from Harvard Business Review explaining which of the metrics that are set within a sales team can be measured and influenced by a sales manager. To ensure a team succeeds the manager needs to make sure that which of the metrics are measurable and how the metrics can be managed. It goes without… Read on »


Awesome post from Harvard Business Review on how your salespeople have many skills, traits, and competencies that you can learn from and become successful. Determining the best salespeople within a company can be difficult however, there is a three step approach that can make it quick, and simple. We recently blogged about the importance of knowing what… Read on »

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Wonderful post from the Harvard Business Review on not only keep employees happy but engaged in their work. Keep employees engaged in their work is a worldwide challenge for many businesses. However, there are many ways to fix this challenge and improve productivity across the entire company. Read the following excerpt to find out a… Read on »


Interesting post from MTD Sales Training Blog discussing the concept of sales managers being able to trust their sales employees to do the job they are hired to do. After trusting sales employees to do their jobs, determining how they are performing is the next step of being able to encourage performance. As a sales… Read on »


Fabulous post from MTD Sales Blog, on reviewing the idea of reinforcing the training of sales reps after they have completed their sales training. The majority of people who endure sales training often forget the bulk of what they have learned, which is why sales coaching is vital for people to succeed in sales. Training… Read on »