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Interesting post from MTD Sales Training Blog discussing the concept of sales managers being able to trust their sales employees to do the job they are hired to do. After trusting sales employees to do their jobs, determining how they are performing is the next step of being able to encourage performance. As a sales… Read on »


Fabulous post from MTD Sales Blog, on reviewing the idea of reinforcing the training of sales reps after they have completed their sales training. The majority of people who endure sales training often forget the bulk of what they have learned, which is why sales coaching is vital for people to succeed in sales. Training… Read on »


Tremendous post from MTD sales blog, discussing the fact that most sales conversations today are unclear and don’t have a strong message coming across. Using the four simple steps will be able to improve your sales conversations and help reel in the sales. Learn what the four simple steps are here: There’s a great strategy… Read on »


Superb post from Harvard Business Review on the correlation between money and performance reviews. Performance reviews are used to help employees increase their proficiency but in recent years, people don’t care about improving, they only care how much compensation they receive, which removes the true reason for performance reviews. Read below on how to motivate… Read on »

Top Secret

Extraordinary post from Harvard Business Review, describing the concept of sales coaching both the best and worst sales rep will benefit those reps the most, and how it is a misconception. The majority of management considers the sales reps that are in the middle of the pack to be stable and neither perform better or worse,… Read on »

Student and teacher

Interesting post from Understanding the Sales Force, discussing how there is always a second effort to save the sale even if it looks like it’s going down hill. The primary idea is to make consumer want to explain their problems to you. This in-depth article will give a more precise look in how to gain sales traction. On a… Read on »