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Wonderful post from the Harvard Business Review on not only keep employees happy but engaged in their work. Keep employees engaged in their work is a worldwide challenge for many businesses. However, there are many ways to fix this challenge and improve productivity across the entire company. Read the following excerpt to find out a… Read on »


Superb post from Harvard Business Review on the correlation between money and performance reviews. Performance reviews are used to help employees increase their proficiency but in recent years, people don’t care about improving, they only care how much compensation they receive, which removes the true reason for performance reviews. Read below on how to motivate… Read on »


The secret is out! Watch this Dreamforce session replay to learn how we define and execute sales productivity programs inside, and around the world. Hear about our use of the latest technology for on-boarding and training, sales processes, and communication tactics. All powered by our own Salesforce products! All other Recorded Sessions… Read on »


Outstanding post from the Harvard Business Review on the idea of letting customer service, actually serve the customers and build relationships. The article explains how removing the strict scripts, metrics, and rules in call centers and implementing a more lenient culture could increase the productivity. If you are running a large company anywhere in the… Read on »


The trend for inside sales is not coming—it has fully arrived at our doorstep. Rising fuel and labor costs have soared, and because of intense competition, the prices of our products and solutions have largely flat-lined—as have sales achievement levels. Companies have been forced to examine the complete cost of outbound sales and what they discovered… Read on »


Over the last number of years I have given a lot of thought to Sales Performance Management.  I think that most experienced practitioners and observers recognize that the front-line sales manager is the key to scaling sales performance. But it is a really hard job. And if sales managers are in fact the linch-pin of… Read on »


In a survey conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey, it was found sales reps value “praise and commendation” over any other reward – including bonuses. If your lacking on the “praise and commendation” side can help. With the recent release of on Salesforce, recognizing is incredibly easy and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement.… Read on »