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The new way to manage performance at work


Great post from the Financial Times, discussing the popular trend of using internal social networks to boost performance, productivity and collaboration. The article mentions Salesforce’s Chatter as one of these large internal networks and illustrates how it can dramatically reduce response times on important issues. From taste tests on a new burger to making the… Read on »


Leadership was once about hard skills, such as planning, finance and business analysis. When command and control ruled the corporate world, the leaders were heroic rationalists who moved people around like pawns and fought like stags. When they spoke, the company employees jumped. Now, if the gurus and experts are right, leadership is increasingly concerned… Read on »

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Incredible article from the Havard Business Review exploring the premise of sales as we know it, and why a new flexible approach might be the way forward. Customers are now better informed than ever and sales organizations must now realize Salesforce’s message of the “Internet of Customers”. This astonishingly in-depth article offers up everything a… Read on »


Fascinating post from the Havard Business Review, analyzing how we make decisions – and why it doesn’t really matter all that much. On the other hand, focusing on the effort that will be required after the initial decision may be what you need to pay more attention to. Read more to find out. I’m paraphrasing,… Read on »


Outstanding post from the Havard Business Review regarding how managing men who want flexible hours and more time at home is the new face of diversity. Diversity is no longer limited to women, LGBTQ, and people of color but now includes the increasing number of millennial men who have different values than their older counterparts.… Read on »


Superb post from the Havard Business Review discussing how companies are creating products that are smart, connected, and above all social. With inexpensive sensors, wireless routers, and cloud computers all available the internet revolution is ready for round two – inside everyday products. Read more below. We are moving from a world in which physical… Read on »