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Wonderful post from the Harvard Business Review on not only keep employees happy but engaged in their work. Keep employees engaged in their work is a worldwide challenge for many businesses. However, there are many ways to fix this challenge and improve productivity across the entire company. Read the following excerpt to find out a… Read on »

Mobile users walking to work

It used to be enough for people to come to work in the morning and leave work at 5pm. And when I say leave work, I don’t mean go home to do more work, I mean leave work at work. This was like this before partially because there were no laptops or smart phones, but… Read on »


Interesting post from Vantage Point Performance, discussing the fact that sales management is a invaluable position but at the same time a high stressful position. Instead of blaming your sales manger for not doing their jobs properly, understand what their position is and try to make it easier for them to do their jobs. Learn… Read on »