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Helpful tips for improving performance at work


Splendid post from Harvard Business Review, on the topic of how being motivated to complete a task is different from being motivated to perform at your max potential. When people perform at their highest potential, tasks are completed faster, problems are solved better, and productivity is maximized.  Almost all decisions, big and small, are choices between exploring new… Read on »

Top Secret

Extraordinary post from Harvard Business Review, describing the concept of sales coaching both the best and worst sales rep will benefit those reps the most, and how it is a misconception. The majority of management considers the sales reps that are in the middle of the pack to be stable and neither perform better or worse,… Read on »

employee feedback

Outstanding post from Harvard Business Review, examining how to develop effective feedback. Ineffective feedback doesn’t do any good for the person who is receiving, or the person who is giving. Both people don’t understand their errors and will continue to make mistakes. Learn what to do when trying to create effective feedback here: When I… Read on »


Magnificent post from Vantage Point Performance, discussing the myths that come along with sales management training and how company’s endure the negative after effects of them. With new sales management coming onboard it might be a good idea to find out what these myths are and how you can avoid the negative impact of them.… Read on »


Superb video from Dave Kurlan on of coaching everyday to help salespeople become more proficient. On average salespeople are faced with the task of not knowing what kind of customer they are going to deal with today, and with the aid of continuous sales coaching it will better prepare them for the unknown. This video… Read on »

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 1.36.25 PM

Astounding video from Harvard Business Report that discusses how the small wins during a work day can drastically improve a person’s performance. Watch Dr. Teresa Amabile explain that to achieve goals and improve performance employees need to focus and stay on track. Discover the secrets to improve your “inner work life” and what the people around… Read on »

Student and teacher

Interesting post from Understanding the Sales Force, discussing how there is always a second effort to save the sale even if it looks like it’s going down hill. The primary idea is to make consumer want to explain their problems to you. This in-depth article will give a more precise look in how to gain sales traction. On a… Read on »

Happy Employees

Wonderful article from Mashable, whose business blog post discusses how to create a culture that supports their employees. Even though maintaining a company culture can be difficult, this post will make the process easy by describing the 8 simple ways to create a  culture that will make your employees stick with your company. A recent… Read on »