It’s been a busy week! Two new features this week: You can now comment on feedback you receive, and create a custom plan. Feedback on Feedback Have you ever received feedback, and felt the need to respond? Well, now you can comment on the feedback you receive. It’s a great way to continue the conversation.… Read on »


How many times do we hear general feedback comments such as: “That was a great presentation” “I liked how you handled that customer issue” “The sales call went really well” These type of comments might make me feel good for about 5 minutes, but it doesn’t tell me specifically what worked and why.  When I… Read on »

Yesterday, I launched App of the Day, a website that features a community-nominated iPhone and iPod touch app everyday. I decided to use Rypple to help me get anonymous feedback from visitors to the site. With over 85,000 iPhone and iPod touch applications in the App Store today, it can be somewhat taxing to separate… Read on »


It’s not often that CEOs are excited to hear that their product could be made obsolete. But two weeks ago at HRTech in Chicago, David and I heard just that from one of our more prominent corporate users and we couldn’t be happier! Of course, Rypple isn’t really going anywhere and the comment was actually… Read on »

Jack of all trades

The Web Designer Depot published an interesting post a few days ago called In Defense of The Jack of All Trades by Mindy Wagner. I found the post very interesting, because personally, I’ve being thinking about a generalist vs. specialist. I think the Rypple team is a great example of perfect generalists because our skills… Read on »

Rules for Managing Gen Y is a profile of Alexander Younger, the founder and president of Toronto-based marketing communications firm Design Lab, and Jason Blessing, group vice-president and general manager of the Taleo small and medium business segment. According to the article, Gen Ys want to get involved, get frequent feedback, see the results of… Read on »

Motivating Teams

It’s crucial for leaders to provide their people with feedback. Not only is it important in helping them improve, but feedback is a powerful motivational tool as well. Here is an excerpt from a great post I came across titled Using Feedback to Motivate Staff: Unfortunately, we do not seem to be able to fully… Read on »

The Harvard Business Publishing agrees with our belief in power of one thing. In the post To Change Effectively, Change Just One Thing, Peter Bregman describes how he  lost 18 pounds in one and a half months. He did it by focusing on cutting down one area of consumption. …I asked myself: what’s the one… Read on »