Interesting post from MTD Sales Training Blog discussing the concept of sales managers being able to trust their sales employees to do the job they are hired to do. After trusting sales employees to do their jobs, determining how they are performing is the next step of being able to encourage performance. As a sales… Read on »


Those early days are perilous ones indeed for any new hire. Research suggests that your first 100 days in a job are when you are at your most likely to walk out on your new job. Aside from the fact that someone you previously thought was an essential hire might leave, there is also the… Read on »


I’ve written previously about the wonderful affect giving someone a compliment has on their sense of self-esteem and general wellbeing.  Indeed, research has shown that people often prefer compliments to any other form of remuneration (financial or otherwise). Suffice to say however, praise and thanks is not always something you can give.  There are times… Read on »


During the festive season it’s common for movies to form the bulk of the TV schedules.  One of the channels here in the UK went full-on with this and showed all six Star Wars movies.  Fun though they are, the inspiration for this particular blog comes from the enduring classic that just happened to be… Read on »


Fabulous post from MTD Sales Blog, on reviewing the idea of reinforcing the training of sales reps after they have completed their sales training. The majority of people who endure sales training often forget the bulk of what they have learned, which is why sales coaching is vital for people to succeed in sales. Training… Read on »


A major aspect of the social business movement is the benefits that can accrue when employees start utilising their skills on a wide range of internal projects.  McKinsey went as far as to suggest that the potential benefits could run into the trillions of dollars.  Impressive stuff. Wharton professor Adam Grant applied a slightly more… Read on »


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