Tremendous post from MTD sales blog, discussing the fact that most sales conversations today are unclear and don’t have a strong message coming across. Using the four simple steps will be able to improve your sales conversations and help reel in the sales. Learn what the four simple steps are here: There’s a great strategy… Read on »


Splendid post from Harvard Business Review, on the topic of how being motivated to complete a task is different from being motivated to perform at your max potential. When people perform at their highest potential, tasks are completed faster, problems are solved better, and productivity is maximized.  Almost all decisions, big and small, are choices between exploring new… Read on »


In our ever changing world, being able to adapt to a rapidly shifting environment is a skill many employees, and indeed many organisations would find invaluable. New research suggests that games could play a big part in creating such an adaptable mindset. The research saw participants playing a math video game, either competitively against another… Read on »

Rock climbing team reaching the summit.

Amazing post from the Harvard Business Review, where it discusses the saying ‘there is no I in team’ and how it applies to sales teams in business today. In the past it used to be all about the individuals working alone on sales teams, however, times have changed. It’s now all about those individuals coming… Read on »


Whilst there have been the occasional foray into the gamification world by local communities and policy makers, it’s perhaps fair to say that the bulk of gamified applications have been in the commercial world. That makes a test undertaken by four European cities all the more exciting. The four cities are attempting to use games… Read on »


Superb post from Harvard Business Review on the correlation between money and performance reviews. Performance reviews are used to help employees increase their proficiency but in recent years, people don’t care about improving, they only care how much compensation they receive, which removes the true reason for performance reviews. Read below on how to motivate… Read on »