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This is part two in the Johari Windows posts, covering the results of the experiment. You should start with Check Your Blind Spot: Rypple and the Johari Window to get the context for this second half. So! You’re probably wondering how it all went down. Well let me tell you! It’s no easy task whittling… Read on »


This is part one in the Johari Windows posts. You should start here and then read the follow-up Gazing through my Johari Window for the results of the exercise. Those of you who took any psychology courses in university probably remember needing to have someone wrench you from the depths of a self-induced¬† self-diagnosis abyss.… Read on »

There are three new things that you need to know about this week. A sweet redesigned homepage, a new way to import your contacts, and groups. We think the new homepage looks great! We’ve added some new content, like the ‘What is Rypple’ guide, a great resource to help you and your team get started.¬†… Read on »

A vision without a task is but a dream, a task without a vision is drudgery, a vision and a task is the hope of the world. – From a church in Sussex, England, ca. 1730 I’m a dreamer. I dream about running a faster 10k, biking to work everyday, and getting as much done… Read on »


I’ll start this post off with a plug – read Donald Norman’s book ‘The Design of Everyday Things’. It is about the psychology and physiology that underlies interaction with things you use every day; why some work well (are usable), and others do not. This post was inspired by Norman’s excellent book, as well as… Read on »

Recently we began sending out Rypple branded Flip Video Cameras to some of our users. They made videos talking about how they are using Rypple with their companies. The videos are also available on, where you can also learn more about the individuals and companies featured in the videos. Jenny Blake, the Senior Strategist… Read on »

The more you have riding on an idea, the more it hurts to be wrong. Human nature sometimes tricks us into perceiving disproved assumptions as failure, which can stop us from carrying on with the original idea. Successful people actually do the opposite, persisting and adapting even in the face of failure. Thomas Alva Edison… Read on »

New and improved this week: To keep up with our good friends on the GWT team at Google, we’ve upgraded from GWT 1.5 to 1.7. This will improve the performance of Rypple and give us greater cross-browser support. We’ve improved the load time of the non-logged in adviser and public URL response pages. When we… Read on »