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The idea of is to give companies a team-based (or enterprise-wide) dashboard which lets people and their managers set goals, communicate them, and then give and receive continuous feedback while the day goes on. Launches – Transforming Human Resources for the Social Era revolutionizes the way companies align, motivate and drive the performance of their people. Now companies can provide management tools inside the apps where sales, service and marketing teams work everyday.

Salesforce’s Rypple Gets the Enterprise More Social

“Rypple’s offering enables companies to help employees improve their performance using a social and collaborative approach. Salesforce Rypple marks’s entry into the human capital management market, wherein it will compete with other enterprise software giants such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.”

Making Human Resources Human Again

Goal-setting and communications inside Rypple software form "the perfect loop," Sidebottom said. The HR app also makes work performance transparent. Everyone in your circle of associates knows how much work you did. Here peer pressure is a good thing, Sidebottom says.

The Top 5 Ways Employees Waste Their Time At Work

Pinpointing and compiling all those wasted man hours could save companies a significant amount of money. The team at Rypple made an infographic to show all the ways you are losing precious productive time.

Social Business: Not Just for Gen Y Anymore

Online performance management tools allow a sales manager to give a salesperson immediate feedback on a sales pitch after it happens in a way a traditional review can’t match, for example. Social software also allows managers to mix existing workforce practice with the open, iterative and collaborative nature of the Web.

5 Things That Waste Your Time at Work Infographic

VoIP communications company Fonality conducted a survey to find out which mundane office tasks suck the most time out of the day. Pinpointing and compiling all those wasted man hours could save companies some substantial coin. The folks at social performance management tool Rypple compiled the infographic below based on that data.

The Future of Social Mobile Communications in the Enterprise Infographic

The infographic - from Salesforce Rypple - predicts a third generation to follow today's consumer-centric mobile workplace, and is a good way to start a dialogue about how social mobility will progress in the enterprise.

Salesforce Gets Social and Ups the Chatter

“Rypple co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Debow, now a Salesforce vice president, said Benioff has been out front with his message that companies of all sizes need to become “social” online, much as he was in proselytizing the now-accepted benefits of cloud computing more than a decade ago.”

Making performance management more like Facebook

“The aim of Rypple co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Debow is to stop distracting people with bureaucracy. Traditional annual performance reviews fail to give the constant feedback that helps employees get better at their jobs, he says.”

Boy CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Two Smartest Projects Were Growing Facebook And Growing Up

“Gone are the workflow management systems of a manufacturing age. Instead, says Rypple cofounder Daniel Debow, the software created a social environment where people and projects can keep in touch in an easier way. ”

Salesforce challenges Oracle with HR software

“Rypple, acquired in December from a company with the same name, will serve as an alternative to the applications SAP picked up through the $3.4 billion acquisition of SuccessFactors and those Oracle gained in 2005 when it bought PeopleSoft.”

There's a Rypple in the Water: Living Social's Success with Social HR

“Rypple had a stellar adoption rate across all the various groups at Living Social. The company regularly sees its employees logging unsolicited updates to their individual goal tracking. The tool is now used for capturing daily feedback, and producing greater communication within departments. Managers and peers send thank you notes to one another through Rypple, and badges are frequently given for concepts and values.”

Salesforce offers new Oracle challenge

“The new software, called Rypple, is designed to work along with Salesforce's customer relationship management software and the Chatter social network for businesses.” Leaves Oracle and SAP AG in the Dust

“ is challenging Oracle Corp and SAP AG by introducing new software for human resources management, an application to help businesses run their operations.”

Facebook Told Salesforce To Buy This Company, So It Did

“When the folks saw that Rypple was creeping into organizations the same way had -- by business folks going around IT and firing it up themselves -- it knew Rypple was a match.”

Salesforce puts stamp on social with product launch

“, the global enterprise software company, takes the wraps off of two new products that they hope will become game-changers in the social content space.” Social Isn’t Just For Sales and Marketing

“Social performance management engine Salesforce Rypple brings the company’s recent purchase into the fold, six weeks after the acquisition closed. For the unfamiliar, it’s essentially a tool for recognizing employee performance, offering feedback and coaching, tracking business goals and generally applying gamification principles to the enterprise.”

Salesforce Is Up And Running With Rypple Only Six Weeks After Buying It

“The company completed a pretty impressive feat. It already stitched its newly acquired social human resources tool, Rypple, into the site. This includes integration with Chatter, Salesforce's answer to Yammer.”

Salesforce HR tool combines social networking and employee reviews

“Performance reviews are the least enjoyable tasks done and they always have to be done once per year. We want to ensure there is a continual dialogue between employees and managers,” Salesforce software development executive John Wookey said in an interview with VentureBeat, “Rypple defines key results and actions, monitors the status of objectives and fosters a dialogue of the goals being set in the organizations, so people understand what’s expected.”

U.S. giants gobbling up Canadian technology startups

“The new product integrates Rypple’s core product into the broader ecosystem of Salesforce software, which Mr. Debow says marks the first time such a widespread social integration has occurred in the human capital space.” Expands Social Enterprise With Rypple HR Tool,

“ Chairman and CEO Mark Benioff Thursday made the case that businesses can embrace applications based on social networking programs like Facebook and Twitter, unveiling the latest pieces of his company’s social enterprise platform for performance management, marketing and sales programs.”

Salesforce Challenges Oracle With New Human-Resource Software

“ Inc. (CRM) introduced new software for human-resources management, stepping up a challenge to Oracle Corp. (ORCL) and SAP AG (SAP) in the market for applications that help businesses run their operations.”

Businesses need to embrace the “social revolution,” says Salesforce’s Benioff

“In keeping with the theme of social enterprise, Salesforce unveiled two new products at the event, Salesforce Rypple and Salesforce Rypple, which was acquired by Salesforce in December 2011, is a social network and employee feedback system for businesses.”

HR and Content Clouds float over CloudForce

“Salesforce Rypple, acquired from start-up Rypple just six weeks ago, focuses on the social nature of performance management. The software does away with yearly performance management reviews, instead allowing users to give employees feedback and recognition daily from within their employee social network.”

Merit Badges: How Salesforce Motivates a Workforce

“The part of Rypple that generated all the buzz last year was the use of badges - literally, on-screen graphics that look like sewn-on Scout patches - to reward workers for various accomplishments.”

Giving the boot to traditional performance reviews

Besides providing constant feedback that helps employees get better at their jobs, Rypple lets everyone participate in setting goals. “As a management organization, you’re having less bureaucracy about how you distribute and describe goals and goal setting,” Mr. Debow says. “As an individual, you have more clarity about how what you’re doing is meaningful and important.” Buys Rypple, Gets Extremely Social

“Rypple’s software enables employees to improve their performance using a social and collaborative approach. It recently launched an Android app for Rypple to focus on the growing mobile workforce in enterprises. Rypple already offers an iOS app and is now available on the two largest smartphone platforms.”

Performance Management; What's New

“An updated Social Goals 2.0 module has been integrated into the web-based social performance management platform Rypple.”

Making the decision on that first hire

“How do you decide when to start bringing in talent to take your business plan from idea to reality? Our Sprouter experts have some answers.”

Rypple blends social feedback and workplace productivity in Android app, plans to integrate Salesforce in the future

“Rypple sees Android as a key part of plans to “transform the social feed into a productivity feed,” according to Ovsyannikov. That’s why the app incorporates features like photo sharing content and integrating with the calendar. In the future, the service could become even more powerful with integration to other services from Salesforce.”

How does a startup grow?

Many of the entrepreneurs Mr. Debow meets are in need of only one thing: encouragement. “Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely job and it’s very nerve-racking. You’re terrified of losing money. You’re terrified of losing your reputation,” says the Toronto-based angel investor. “It’s OK to be nervous and terrified. I’ve been nervous. I’ve been terrified.“ Rolls Out Rypple Mobile App for Social Performance Management

“ has been eying the enterprise mobile space since months now and has launched mobile optimized versions of some of its offerings. We expect the enterprise mobile software market to expand rapidly in the coming years, and contribute to a larger part of’s overall revenue.”

You’ve Won a Badge (and Now We Know All About You)

“The system is transparent, Stein says, so anyone within a company can easily see which employee garnered the most kudos, regardless of seniority or job title. Moreover, he says, gamification creates a positive feedback loop in which employees feel recognised for their work, leading to increased productivity.”

Rypple’s Nick Stein, on How to Deliver Better Feedback

“Be proactive. Don’t just sit back and wait for the feedback to come. If you want feedback about yourself and how you’re doing, go out and ask for it. Then make it part of a conversation, so that it becomes a basis for an ongoing dialogue with you and your manager, or you and your employee. Use it as a basis to check in and see how that person’s doing.”

Local business feels a Rypple in

“What we saw with Rypple something a bit more dynamic and fluent, and it provides an environment where you can capture feedback as you go,” Roberts said. “What is great is that it might be small or big things, which has been miss with the old fashion type of product.”

Rypple, hot off Salesforce acquisition, launches Android app for social management on-the-go

“The best feedback often comes on the taxi ride back to the office after an important meeting,” Rypple co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Debow told VentureBeat via e-mail. “Rypple’s investment in an Android app lets our users stay aligned with key priorities, get real-time updates, and recognize great work — away from the office.”

The Coming War for the Social Workplace

“Rypple is at the far end of a movement to sell companies on the idea that the modern worker, armed with a cellphone and a tablet computer, having access to a nearly infinite amount of computing power in the cloud at all times, is a new kind of beast. Just as our social lives have changed because of Twitter and Facebook, the argument runs, so too must our working lives change.” to buy Rypple

“ said it will re-launch Rypple, which counts Facebook, Gilt Groupe and Spotify among its customers, as “Successforce.” The move signifies's initial entry into the human capital management market. The deal is expected to close by the end of April 2012.”

Rypple teams up with Spotify to reimagine goal setting

“Goal setting is traditionally one of the most top-down aspects of business. Now Rypple is teaming up with much-buzzed-about company Spotify to reimagine all of that. The social performance management company worked with the digital music firm to develop Social Goals 2.0.”

Spotify Rallies Workers With Help From Rypple

“[Spotify] could have just adopted Rypple’s existing Web services, which help coach employees and give them real-time feedback about their performance. Instead, Spotify asked Rypple to incorporate a more formalized management methodology called OKR, for Objectives and Key Results.”

How Facebook Manages Its Workforce

“Applying social principles to employee feedback meant applying the same principles that have worked on, for example, to propel the growth in Facebook photos. Facebook wanted its system for providing employee feedback to feel natural in the same way.”

Rypple Presents at Under the Radar

“Rypple brings a social, just-in-time approach to performance management. Employees get the continuous feedback, coaching, and recognition they need to improve faster and stay engaged. Managers ensure their teams keep focused on the right priorities.”

Enterprise 2.0 Preview: Leading the Charge for Change

Attendees will also get a glimpse about how Facebook uses social software to manage their 3,000-person internal culture, half of whom are 'millenials.' Technology provider Rypple will provide additional insights into what it's been like to work with Facebook.

Are Annual Performance Reviews Passé?

“In the most adept teams, members know who knows what, who needs what information and how to coordinate as a result. Rypple’s mobile capabilities mean that feedback can be given and received in ways that parallel the stream of daily work.”

Find Your ‘Wouldn’t it Be Awesome If’

“Rypple answered [the question] “wouldn’t it be awesome if you could give and get feedback at work anytime, instead of just during an annual performance review?”

Potent Social Media Strategies for Utilities

“[Rypple and other social applications] are the kinds of applications that people are using in college at the moment, and these are the kinds of applications and the kinds of functionality they expect when they go into their new employer and they will feel extremely restricted if they don’t…they’ll get frustrated and then move on.”

See Business, Management and HR Videos

“Rypple sponsored a flash mob at the HR Tech Conference in Chicago. They wanted the attendees to know that work does not have to be boring. They succeeded as far as I'm concerned.”

5 Ways to Keep Your Rockstar Employees Happy

“So how can your company keep its stars engaged? It comes down to creating a culture of communication — one in which employees know where the organization is headed, how they fit into these plans, and what’s expected of them.”

G-List Companies: Rypple

“With its flexible payment options and free trial period Rypple allows you to tailor your experience to your budgetary needs.”

Executive Profiles: Disruptive Tech Leaders in Social Business – Daniel Debow, Rypple Software

“We want to make the way people communicate at work more seamless and efficient—to surface all the data currently living in CRM, support, and product development and bring it into people’s daily work flow. This will lead to improved communication, collaboration, and ultimately business performance.”

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