A Revolution in Sales Performance

The challenges to sales executives are constantly growing larger and more complex in today's globalized economy. Gone are the days of the simple carrot and stick to make the team in the boiler room get out and sell.

Today's high-performing sales organizations are leveraging a new generation of technologies to drive sales performance. High-performance sales organizations recognize that maximum performance, retaining talent, and measuring sales performance is more easily done with sales performance tools like Work.com.

Work.com solves the biggest challenges of Sales Performance:

  • Alignment of Individuals and Teams to Overall Organizational Goals.
  • Providing feedback that is actionable via real-time recognition and coaching (feedback that actionable during the deal, and not after the deal is lost).
  • Motivation and incentive programs that are dynamic, easy to implement, and tangible (via Real Rewards from Amazon.com)
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM. Sales people can leverage Work.com directly from Salesforce, as they work.
  • Easy measurement of team and individual performance. Performance summaries are simply a matter of dragging and dropping feedback, recognition, and coaching notes into a performance summary. Sales Reps can focus on driving business instead of distracting paper work.

Work.com consists of three primary product groups


Work.com Motivate improves win rates and reinforces good selling habits with real-time recognition and tangible incentives from tangible rewards in the form of Amazon.com Gift Cards.

  • Real-time recognition and rewards
  • Give Thanks in Salesforce Chatter*
  • Customizable recognition badges
  • Tangible Rewards*
  • Skills Profiling
  • Recognition and Rewards News Feed


Work.com Align helps sales organizations align individual and team goals around organizational objectives. Sales teams can share goals or work towards individual goals. Team members stay focused using a system that is dynamic and adaptable to sales and business cycles.

Features (all of Motivate plus the following features):
  • 1:1 coaching, feedback, and mentoring
  • Align Company, Team, and Personal Goals
  • Compatible with OKR, V2MOM, SMART, etc
  • Robust privacy controls
  • Real time goal status
  • 360 Feedback


Work.com Perform allows managers to create performance reviews, and measure team performance easily. Managers can focus on driving business, and not paperwork for HR. All feedback, coaching, and recognition is easily compiled into HR compliant performance summaries.

Features: (all of Align and Motivate, plus the following features):
  • Fast HR Compliant Performance Summaries
  • Performance Calibration
  • HR Business Partner Console

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